We honor Ricky who now sings in the Chorus Eternal. 1949-2020

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Previous Quartets

Photo Richard "Rick" Knapp

Members we remember...

Carolina Chord Connection

Quartets are made up of members of the Carolina Chord Connection Chorus.

Currently, an ad hoc quartet would be formed for a specific event request. Please use the Contact form to determine the availability of a quartet to suit your needs.    


Jack Fisher, Baritone             Steve Goodwin, Bass  Carroll Hearing, Lead         Paul Bright, Tenor

Four-Tune Cookies

Randy Driggers - Bruce McGee - Ken Gibson - Jack Thornton  This fine quartet had to disband due to Bruce McGee moving to another state and the passing of Jack Thornton.

The Usual Suspects

Jack Thornton - Don Lawler - Don Wigent - Bob Hanrahan                 This fine quartet had to disband due to Don Lawler moving to another part of North Carolina and the passing of Jack Thornton.